Exchange creative juices, tall stories and radical strategies for how we can repair our broken world.

Be inspired by short sharp talks & mingle with folks immersed-in or curious about making what they do more sustainable.

February - Greenups at Artspace (drinks, talks, exhibition & film)

Tuesday February 2nd, 6-10pm (talks at 7pm, film at 7:30)

43-51 Cowper Wharf Road, Woolloomooloo

Eventbrite - Green Drinks at Artspace - drinks, talks and screening : 'Containment' (2015)

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GreenUps, a monthly night that connects people across a range of sectors who share a passion for the environment and sustainability.

For our first Greenups of the year (and our last nomadic event before we take up residence in our new home) the lovely creatives / creative lovelies at the Artspace in Woolloomooloo are our hosts for a evening of ideas, art & film.


With a refreshing native cocktail in hand, care of the Trolley’d boys, come browse the latest Artspace commissioned work Dämmerschlaf by Artspace artists in residence; Nick Dorey, Mikala Dwyer and Clare Milledge.

From 6:30pm meet the artists and curator of Dämmerschlaf, hear about their work, how the environment informs their practice, and what sustainability in the arts means to them.

Then at 7:30pm we are excited to be screening the documentary film, Containment (2015). Directed by Peter Galison and Robb Moss, Containment was filmed in weapons plants, at Fukushima and deep underground where a hundred million gallons of radioactive sludge remains from the Cold War. Governments around the world, desperate to protect future generations, have begun imagining society 10,000 years from now in order to create a universal warning system that will speak across time. Containment weaves between an uneasy present and an imaginative, troubled far future, exploring the idea that over millennia, nothing stays put.


Exhibition: Dämmerschlaf is Artspace’s first exhibition of 2016, featuring new, site-specific work commissioned from three of the inaugural Artspace One Year Studio Artists: Nick Dorey, Mikala Dwyer and Clare Milledge. The German word Dämmerschlaf is the etymological root for the English ‘twilight sleep’, which describes a state induced by a combination of analgesia (pain relief) and amnesia to combat the pain — or the memory of pain . The exhibition highlights the states of consciousness that can be explored through creative practice, as well as ideas around the supernatural, the occult, alternate spiritualities and ways of perceiving reality, as well as the physical and conceptual thresholds between the studio and the gallery. Throughout January the artists transplanted their working environments from upstairs to down, developing the exhibition in-situ. This life cycle will extend throughout the exhibition period, with the artists continuing to make work in a designated space within the gallery, which will in turn evolve over time.

Containment (2015) screening. (film commences at 7:30pm) - Can we contain some of the deadliest, most long-lasting substances ever produced? Left over from the Cold War are a hundred million gallons of radioactive sludge, covering vast radioactive lands. Governments around the world, desperate to protect future generations, have begun imagining society 10,000 years from now in order to create monuments that will speak across the time. Part observational essay filmed in weapons plants, Fukushima and deep underground—and part graphic novel—Containment weaves between an uneasy present and an imaginative, troubled far future, exploring the idea that over millennia, nothing stays put.

Trolley'd - Trolley'd is Sydney’s first bar embracing the qualities of sustainability, native and organic ingredients, and local produce. All Trolley’d cocktails use organic ingredients sourced from local farms, as well as native Australian ingredients, some that are foraged by the Trolley'd team. The Trolley’d boys, Christopher Thomas and Byron Woolfrey are hospitality aficionados with a passion for mixology, classic vibes and the essential ingredients to a great party.

Artspace - Artspace is Australia’s leading interdisciplinary space for the creation and presentation of contemporary art. Through exhibitions, performances, artist residencies, and public programs, Artspace is where artists of all generations test new ideas and shape public conversation. Committed to experimentation, collaboration and advocacy, Artspace’s mission is to enhance our culture through a deeper engagement with contemporary art.  

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About GreenUps

GreenUps – green drinking to inspire green thinking.

Green Drinks International happens in more than 45 countries and 448 cities around the world. The Sydney Chapter, GreenUps is an informal monthly drinks night that helps support the creative, inspired and lively community of people who already immersed or curious about sustainability.

The first GreenUps was held at (our spiritual home) The Falconer Cafe in March 2009 and we’ve painted Sydney-town green every first Tuesday of the month (except the Januaries) ever since.

What happens?

Most months we choose a GreenUps theme. Themes have included food, fashion, film, art, design, business, investment, activism, bikes as well as our less formal ‘grab-a-drink-and-hang-out’ nights.

People generally rock-up at around 6.30, grab a drink or two, listen to our speakers and get to know each other. Great things have come out of GreenUps events – jobs, new projects, new wardrobes, prizes, inspiration, and even true love.

Does it cost anything?

Not usually. GreenUps is hosted by an independent committee of diverse individuals, no-one (except maybe the venues) makes any money from GreenUps so on the few occasion that we ticket an event or ask for a donation it is to cover costs like food or drinks at a non-pub/bar venue.

Who should come?

Anyone and everyone! Artists, filmmakers, scientists, lawyers, gardeners, Government folk, corporate folk, Not-for-profit folk, fashionistas, foodies, hippies, media and just about everyone in between come to GreenUps – that’s the whole point.

You can RSVP via Facebook or MeetUps but unless otherwise indicated, just feel free to rock-up.

What we’re not that into…

More than anything GreenUps should be fun. So we kindly ask that if you have an idea for a speaker, event theme, cause, event or product to promote that you get in touch with one of the committee members well ahead of time.

We not so keen on the idea of GreenUps being a great big spruik and want to maintain it’s uniqueness. So please don’t bring fliers or other promo material to events, you are of course more than welcome to post discussion topics and other relevant info to our facebook or meetups pages.

The nitty gritty

When is it?

GreenUps is always the first Tuesday of the month – except for January (imagine if it fell on New Year’s Day!)

Where is it?

Wherever possible GreenUps chooses to support independent bars and venues, however due to our ever-increasing numbers we can’t always fit everyone in.

If you have a cracker idea for a venue we want to know about it! We can’t afford to hire the place, but we can certainly bring a bunch of business on a Tuesday evening.

What time?

GreenUps kicks-off at around 6-6.30pm and winds-up around 9.30-10pm.

If we have speakers they will usually take the floor at around 7pm. We try to keep the formal parts of the evening to an hour maximum so that you get to talk to people.

Who’s behind this thing?

GreenUps is an Encoporated Not-for-Profit Association. It's overseen by a board of volunteers from diverse backgrounds. We are passionate about sustainability and truly believe that it takes all types of people and interesting ideas to solve the big complicated problems with which we are all faced.

GreenUps Board Members:

  • Ben Ward
  • Jess Miller
  • Liane Rossler
  • Pete Dowson
  • Alastair Walton
  • Saskia Howard

The GreenUps events are a collaborative process. We rely on the help of a dedicated core of volunteers and often co-host events in conjunction with other creative and passionate groups.

Special Thanks must go to:

Dan Cass, Dave Gravina, Phill Stubbs, Kate Betwell, Mell Flanigan, Merissa Guber, Shelby Burns, Katherine Lustig, Bethan Harris,

What’s the plan?

At the moment we’re giving a lot of thought as to how we make GreenUps even better.

We’re looking for ways to formalise the group so we can do even cooler things (things that require public liability insurance and some money), have volunteers involved, Co-Curators, and perhaps pay someone to help us with the day-to-day admin.

We’re really open to your ideas and feedback as to how this could happen (and also what you wouldn’t like to see happen). So please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Get in touch

You can contact us via email: Join the GreenUps facebook group. Follow GreenUps updates on twitter. The GreenUps on the International Green Drinks: See you at GreenUps!